Our Guarantee
We agree to replace once, 50% of the purchase price, nursery stock which dies within 1 year from purchase, if planted and maintained properly. We are not obligated to replace plant material if loss is due to mechanical injury, weather, insect or disease damage, improper use of chemicals or improper planting. All claims must be accompanied by receipt, and plant material upon request. Under no circumstances shall our responsibility exceed the above conditions. We do not guarantee the following: roses, perennials, dogwood, magnolia, live Christmas trees or special sale items.

Holding Policy
Boyers can hold plants for you provided you pre-pay the item.

Delivery Policy
We can arrange delivery of your plants and/or hardwood mulch within a 50 mile radius. There is a minimum delivery charge of $25 within a 12 mile range and $2.00 per mile afterwards for a regular sized pickup truck (3 yard capacity) OR $3.00/mile for a flat bed truck (15 yard capacity). Please call or see a member of our office staff to make arrangements.