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Plum varieties are listed below in approximate ripening order.
Click on any Plum for a detailed description of the Plum and its tree.

For a good Plum crop you will need a different variety other than your choice for pollination.
Pollinators for plums must be from the same region, a European variety must pollinate a European variety, and a Japanese variety must pollinate a Japanese variety.

E - European variety ....J - Japanese variety


Early Golden - J
Methley - J
Shiro - J
Black Ruby - J
Burbank - J
Formosa - J
Santa Rosa - J
Castleton® - E*
Redheart - J
Improved Duarte - J
Black Amber - J

* Patented Variety - Royalty Fees apply

Ozark Premier - J
Satsuma - J
Damson - E
Mt. Royal - E
NY9™ - E*
Stanley - E
Elephant Heart - J
Friar - J
President - E

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