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The Baldwin is an antique apple, discovered as a chance seedling in Massachusetts in 1740. Formerly known as the "pecker" apple because the trunk of the original tree had been assaulted unmercifully by woodpeckers. The current name is attributed to Col. Loamme Baldwin, a high sheriff of the courts of Concord and Cambridge during the late 1700's.

Medium to large size, conical to round fruit with yellow base skin flushed with orange and striped red. A juicy, firm, sweet to subacid flavor and aromatic.

Bloom Time:
Late bloom

Bloom Color:

Triploid - Requires two other varieties to pollinate

Fruit Ripening Time:
Mid to late October (South Central PA)

EMLA7, Semidwarf, Mature Height 12-15ft.
EMLA111, Semidwarf, Mature Height 18-22ft.

Tree Characteristics:
Usually a productive and vigorous tree. Often a biennial bearer.

Full Sun

An excellent eating apple, also great for pie-making and other baking. A good cider base.