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Black Twig
Black Twig, an old Tennessee variety with a dark burgundy skin, was Andrew Jackson's favorite apple. It was introduced about 1830 as a seedling on the farm of Major Rankin Toole near Fayetteville, Tennessee. It became one of the popular dessert varieties in the 19th and early 20th century in Central Virginia orchards. It is not ripe until October, has a very crisp flesh that is both sweet and tart, and it gets better the longer you keep it--if cared for properly--almost until Spring. 

Fruit large to medium with green to yellow skin, flushed red. Flesh yellow, very firm. The ultimate in a tart apple. Tannic juice adds kick to sweet or hard cider.

Bloom Time:
Mid Season

Bloom Color:

Diploid - Requires another variety to pollinate

Fruit Ripening Time:
Late Season, October (South Central PA)

EMLA26, Dwarf, Mature Height 10-12ft.

Tree Characteristics:
The tree growth is dense and drooping.

Full Sun

A great cider apple, also an excellent eating apple.