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Buckeye® Gala PP10840
The Buckeye® Gala starts coloring a month earlier than its parent, Imperial Gala. The Buckeye® was discovered by the Simmons family in the Peace Valley Orchards in Rogers, OH .  The size and handling qualities remain the same as other Gala varieties.

Unlike other Gala's, the Buckeye's skin is almost solid red with darker and lighter stripes.
The flavor is sweet like other Gala's, with maybe a slight more tangy taste.

Bloom Time:
Mid Season

Bloom Color:

Diploid - Requires another variety to pollinate
Buckeye® Gala has fertile pollen; can pollinate other
mid-season bloomers, except other Gala's and Golden sports.

Fruit Ripening Time:
Early Season,
(Early September in South Central PA)

EMLA 26, Dwarf, Mature Height 10-12ft.
EMLA 7A, Semi-Dwarf, Mature Height 12-15ft.
EMLA 111, Semi-Dwarf, Mature Height 18-22ft.

Tree Characteristics:
The tree vigorous, upright and very precocious with a semi-spur habit.

Full Sun

The Buckeye
® Gala, like other Gala's is great to eat out of hand. Works good in cider and sauce too.