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Dark Red Delicious
Dark Red Delicious is a sport of the Red Delicious whose defining character is its very dark red skin. The Dark Red has the same taste and texture as its parent. The Red Delicious a very popular eating apple and is the most widely grown in America. The Red Delicious, like many other cultivars, was a chance seedling. The legend is that a hardy seedling was found in 1868 by one Jesse Hiatt, an apple grower outside East Peru, Iowa, USA. Hiatt tried to kill it, but it kept coming back, and finally Hiatt let it grow, eventually bringing its fruit to a fruit show. It won first prize. All Red Delicious apples are said to be direct descendants of this original tree. The Red Delicious was originally called "Hawkeye" by Hiatt, but after taking it to the fruit show in Lousiana it was called simply "Delicious". When the Golden Delicious was discovered in 1914, the name changed again to "Red Delicious".

Fruit is firm with very dark red skin, and five "points" on the bottom. Dark Red Delicious have white flesh that is aromatic and sweet, with a bit of a crunchy texture to it. Keeps very well, and is often used for decoration.

Bloom Time:
Mid April

Bloom Color:
Light pink - white


Fruit Ripening Time:
Mid September

EMLA 26 Dwarf Mature Height 10-12ft.
EMLA 7A Semi-Dwarf Mature Height 12-15ft.
EMLA 111 Semi-Dwarf Mature Height 18-22ft.
EMLA 9 Dwarf Mature Height 8-10ft.
BUD 9 Dwarf Mature Height 8-9ft.
STANDARD Mature Height 26-30ft.

Tree Characteristics:

Full sun