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Grimes Golden
This apple was found by Thomas Grimes in Brooke County, West Virginia, in 1804, near the town of Fowlersville. Grimes Golden is believed to be one of the parents of Golden Delicious. Grimes contains 19% sugar that ferments to a 9% alcohol, and was popular for the making of hard cider in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. It tends to overcrop, and needs to be heavily-thinned to produce larger fruit. Grimes ripens in late September and stores very well. Trees of this variety have been found in abandoned orchards, and after 50 years of neglect, are still bearing small fruit of extraordinary flavor.

Medium oblong fruit with a flat base. Green to yellow skin, bright golden yellow when ripe. Flesh is crisp, creamy colored with a spicy, aromatic flavor. Superior dessert quality, especially pies. Excellent for juice and cider.

Bloom Time:
Early May

Bloom Color:
Light pink-white


Fruit Ripening Time:
Middle-Late September

EMLA 26 Dwarf Mature Height 10-12ft.
EMLA 7A Semi-Dwarf Mature Height 12-15ft.
EMLA 111 Semi-Dwarf Mature Height 18-22ft.

Tree Characteristics:
The leaves are shiny and smooth, dark green in color, and heavily folded with fine serrations. Heavy pruning to remove its bushy growth will also improve fruit production. There are knobs at the base of its branches, making the limbs more resistant to breakage.

Full sun