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Stayman Winesap (A)
Stayman is an older apple known for its high quality.  Stayman was created by Dr. J. Stayman when he planted Winesap seeds on his farm in Kansas in 1866.

Stayman Winesaps are a medium to large apple with a green-yellow skin that is mostly covered by dull red splashes. 

Bloom Time:
Mid April

Bloom Color:
Light pink - white

Fruit Ripening Time:
Mid October

EMLA 26 Dwarf Mature Height 10-12ft.
EMLA 7A Semi-Dwarf Mature Height 12-15ft.
EMLA 111 Semi-Dwarf Mature Height 18-22ft.

Tree Characteristics:

Full sun

Stayman winesaps are excellent for eating baking and juice.  They have a tart flavor, with a crisp and juicy texture.  The flesh is a shade of yellow.  Stayman winesaps keep well.