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Golden Delicious
Golden Delicious is an old apple that is very popular.  It was created by a chance seedling of Grimes Golden.  Golden Delicious was introduced in 1900. Also known as Yellow Delicious.

Golden Delicious is a large golden yellow apple.  It has a conic shape with crisp, juicy, firm flesh.  Golden Delicious bruise easily, so it has to be picked carefully.

Bloom Time:
Mid April

Bloom Color:
Light pink - white


Fruit Ripening Time:
Mid September

EMLA 26 Dwarf Mature Height 10-12ft.
EMLA 7A Semi-Dwarf Mature Height 12-15ft.
EMLA 111 Semi-Dwarf Mature Height 18-22ft.
EMLA 9 Dwarf Mature Height 8-10ft.
BUD 9 Dwarf Mature Height 8-10ft.
STANDARD Mature Height 26-30ft.
EMLA9/EMLA111 Mature Height 10-15ft.

Tree Characteristics:
The tree has a round shape with wide crotch angles. Bears fruit at a young age and annually.  Moderately vigorous.

Full sun

One of the most widely planted varieties in the world