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This outstanding apple originated in University of Minnesota, in 1999. Zestar™ ripens in late August in South Central PA. The color is 60-85% red depending on sun exposure. Where the sun hit the fruit, a bright rosy-red blush develops. Shaded areas are often creamy yellow. This apple can be stored up to 2 months in refrigeration and still maintain its great taste and crunch
. Commercial growers can obtain marketing materials from UMN at their webite. This apple is sure to become a favorite that will be demanded as much as Honeycrisp™. Zestar™ can bruise easily so care must be taken when harvesting.

Zestar™ is a medium sized, sweet-tart balanced apple with a hint of brown sugar flavor. Light, crispy and juicy. Great for eating out of hand.

Bloom Time:
Early May

Bloom Color:
Light pink - white

Fruit Ripening Time:
Late August - early September

EMLA 7A Semi-Dwarf Mature Height 12-15ft.
EMLA 111 Semi-Dwarf Mature Height 18-22ft.

Tree Characteristics:
Susceptible to some diseases

Full Sun